Pay per click campaigns London

Pay Per Click campaigns

I will do everything to do effective and affordable pay per click campaigns, what means I will optimize ads and budget so you will always pay less per click. Thanks to it I can manage campaigns better than others.

PPC campaign management includes:

  1. Keyword research
  2. On page (landing page) and ad optimization
  3. Reports and statistics analysis

Keyword research

I will find the best keywords describing your industry or products – brand, general, local, PR keywords. Additionally I will find negative keywords so you will not loose your money for customers looking for something else you offer.

On page – landing page – optimization

It’s very important to have your landing page optimized. It will increase the quality score and save the money what you will pay per click.

Ad optimization

It helps a lot to have an advert higher in rankings for less…

Campaign reports and statistics analysis

It’s very important for me you know for what you are paying, that’s why I will prepare detailed reports from pay per click campaign and you will see how good I am in search engine marketing and if it’s worth to cooperate with me.

Pay per click campaigns combined with SEO will give you the best option to optimize the budget for your search engine marketing strategy. Your website will be visible at all times for clients looking for your services or products.