search engine optimization London

Search engine optimization

I will do everything to place your website at the first page of search engines rankings. Search engine optimization is a set of activities to manipulate search engines results.

You can order services listed below separately or as one package (as it should be) – professional search engine optimization.

  1. Keyword research
  2. On page optimization
  3. Off page activities – link building
  4. SEO audits and statistics analysis

Keyword research for search engine optimization – it’s very important people will find you by searching your services or products using keywords describing them. I don’t offer SEO for useless keywords where clients will not find you, only these effective – often very competitive. We have to discuss together all these keywords describe your industry and they are really good for your business growth. We need to justify what keywords are the best for you – general, local, detailed long keyword (especially for products in online store). After choosing right keywords I can start on page optimization.

On page optimization

I will optimize your website in general (code, files) and in details – based on previous keyword research and consultations. On page optimization will help search engines bots to justify the website better, thanks to it will go up in the results on keywords we chose before.

Off page search engine optimization

Links were always very important ranking factor. We will find the websites to place articles about your company, written with the best content marketing techniques, so these articles will not just increase the position in search engines. They will additionally build your brand.

SEO audits and statistics analysis

You have to know if my team is productive, that’s why we will send you monthly report about what we have done and how it affects search engines ranking and your website. You will probably know it looking at increased amount of calls, emails, sells, etc.